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Doucette Excavating and Logging located in Berwick, Maine, is owned and operated by David Doucette. David has over 30 years experience working in excavation. Doucette Excavating is a small company that has an unbeatable reputation in excavating and logging. Doucette Excavating takes pride in the quality of their work and as a small business has strong customer satisfaction, loyalty and word-of-mouth.


As an experienced owner and operator of an excavating and logging business for over 30 years we understand the need for a green facility to take in all stumps, brush and wood debris. Instead of dumping it all into a landfill or burying it underground, all wood is brought to our facility where it is recycled into a product that can be used in various ways for commercial and residential use.

Photo top left: David and Travis in the early 1980's. Top tight, Travis 2014. Bottom right David with his grandson Charlie 2014.

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